10 Amazing Ideas for Building a Children's Playroom

Whether you live in large or small space, designing a playroom for your child is a cinch. From simple and sleek to extravagant and bold, there are many ways to design it in a way that meets yours and your child's needs...and wants.


Here are a few ideas to help you make those beautiful and fun playroom plans into a reality.

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Display their masterpieces

Hanging up your children's artwork on the wall is more than just for decorative reasons; it also instills a confidence and sense of accomplishment in them. "Displaying your child's work shows them their creative efforts are valued, it builds their confidence and, quite simply, can be an expression of your love for them," suggests Carrie McBride, Managing Editor for ApartmentTherapy.com

A few ideas include coating one of your walls with magnetic paint, installing a few curtain rods by your child's creative station or event just using plain old-fashioned twine and nails should do the trick (and heck, it's still cute!).

Set up a creative station

Art+kids=a load of benefits. "Fostering creativity...[helps your child] develop mentally, socially, and emotionally," writes Paula Bernstein, contributor for Parents.com, quoting Ecklund-Flores. Bernstein continues, "...children who feel able to experiment and make mistakes feel free to invent new ways of thinking, which extends well beyond the craft room."

Start by setting up a small table and chairs so they have a hard surface to work on that's just their size. Ensure they have good lighting and a few basic art supplies like crayons, makers, paper, paint, and paintbrushes nearby. 

Retreat beneath the stairs

Most of the time, that empty space beneath the stairs stays that way. You can easily turn all of that deadspace into a colorful, lively hideaway for your child. 

First, you'll need to see if there is actually space beneath your stairs. Then sketch out a plan and gather your supplies. LiveWellNetwork.com suggests plywood for the door, drywall, drywall saw, spackle, various paint colors, wood for trim, hinges, cabinet knob, faux headboard, nail gun and accessories. You can design it any way you'd like. Include your child in the decorations to help them feel a part of the project, or surprise them!

Spark imagination with an indoor loft

Any type of indoor loft is the perfect place for you child's imagination to go wild. They can explore the vast ocean in a pirate ship, climb the highest tree in a treehouse loft or look out over the rolling hills from a castle tower right in their own bedroom.

Choose a spot where you'd like to build it, gather the needed supplies and have at it. However, make sure you to have a plan beforehand since "building a loft consists of plenty of accurate measuring, purchasing the proper wood type and length, buying the correct bolts and screws, and assembling your loft in the proper area," according to RemoveandReplace.com.

And for those on a budget or with limited space, a teepee fort is just as fun too!

Chalk it up

This is one wall you won't mind your children drawing on. Paint a door or wall with chalkboard paint, and your kids will go crazy decorating it any way they please. you won't have to worry about permanent marker, paint or crayon to clean up afterward - it's a win-win.

Also - not a fan of chalk dust? Make a felt board or whiteboard wall instead.

Readers gonna read

Schoolastic.com lists five physical benefits of reading: They boost the imagination, sharpen sense, get kids moving, grow brains cells and help you become more empathetic. So, of course, a book nook is a must in a children's playroom.

Display the books on a floating or free-standing shelves or in open cubbies close to the ground so it's easy for your child to reach them. Also, comfort is a must to encourage kids to cozy up with their favorite books. Mix and match soft seating such as beanbag chairs, a small couch, kid-sized chairs, a swing or rattan chair, fur rug, floor cushions, throw pillow or large stuffed animals and your child will spend hours reaping all of those rich benefits.

Put on a show'

Create a simple mini-stage in the corner with a curtained stage, standing microphone, dress-up area and audience seating. Throw in some puppets and other props along with snacks, and you have dinner and a show.

Monkey around

Take your pick and build a kid-friendly rock climbing wall, monkey bars, tunnels, a slide or rope ladder (or all the above!) for hours upon hours of energetic fun. No more complaints about not going to the park on a rainy day - the action is right there in their own bedroom.

Secret room

Yet, it's just like the movies except better, since it's real life. If you are building a house, you can include the room in the blueprints. However, if you're already in a home, you'll need to find a usable space to redesign into a secret room, such as a large closet, storage area, attic or unused bedroom. SFGtate.com suggests doing as much of the grunt work as you ca, but use experts for things like the plumbing, electrical work, heating and cooling, ventilation and secret entrance.


Organizing goes beyond just cleaning up the clutter. Understood.com explains that organizational skills actually affect learning. Teaching your kids good organizational skills from the get-go will help them in the long run as they add more things to their daily to-do list. Use toy cubbies, cabinets and storage bins to store puzzles, games, blocks, toys and so on. Label everything with a picture of what item should go in what bin. Or, if you're not into labeling, color coordinate instead.

If you live in a small space, try integrating storage with furniture (put storage shelves under a reading nook or toddler bed, place some toys in an ottoman, etc.) and just make sure to assign each furniture with a specific item.

Need more ideas for home improvement projects? Check out the Deseret News Home Show, October 12-14 at the Mountain America Expo Center in Sandy. Buy tickets online now and save $2. Children 12 and under get in free.

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