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Brothers Duct Repair

Brothers Duct Repair
1055 South 1675 West
Orem UT
Booth: 714

Company Description:

We specialize in making homes more comfortable and efficient and do it through our Aeroseal - Duct Sealing Service. Typical home leak on average in Utah 34% of the air they produce!! We seal the ducts from the inside without having to tear down any drywall so that the air your producing actually gets to where it supposed to!

We haven't seen a home that didn't need their ducts sealed. New builds can actually be some of the most leaky ductworks!!

We pride ourselves in the best quality of service at the best price!

Show Specials:

We are offering both free inspections and $150 off anyone who books an inspection at the trade show with us!

New Products

Aeroseal, Duct Sealing and Clean & Seal.

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